Thursday, January 10, 2013

TEDxToronto - Drew Dudley "Leading with Lollipops"


CrossFit Goal Setting Course with Greg Amundson

On October 27th, I along with the CFPA staff (Tim, Kristen, Trish and Matt) attended Greg Amundson's CrosssFit Goal Setting Course and it was awesome! I had a blast and I learned a great deal as well. If you have ever seen any of Greg Amundson's videos of either him working out or from his Goal Setting Youtube Channel you know he is a ball of immense excited positive energy (and if it's possible he is even more excited and positive in person).

In short, the seminar was full of great information and I enjoyed every minute of it. I highly recommend attending a Goal Setting Seminar with Greg regardless of if you have pressing goals you want to reach or you are curious about how one would go about setting some clearly defined positive goals. Thanks Greg!

Greg Amundson and the CFPA Crew 

Why we procrastinate by Vik Nithy @TEDxYouth @TheScotsCollege

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

MWOD: Upstream and Downstream concepts, applied to Hamstring issues

Here's a great Mobility WOD from Kelly discussing the upstream and downstream concept, with an example of how it can be applied to hamstring issues. Enjoy!

Source: MobilityWOD