Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whose back do you have?

The other day I was reading Seth Godin’s Blog entitled “I’ve got your back” (click the link I highly suggest reading it) it was short, sweet and to the point as is true with most of Seth’s work. His post really got me thinking, especially with the ending questions of who's got my back and more importantly, whose back do I have.
When I think of someone asking me “hey, do you have my back?” my immediate answer is “yes” because I always envision one of my friends asking me and I always have their backs. On a side note the question always makes me think that I am about to be in a fight, which is kind of funny because in a way I am. It’s not necessarily a physical fight but, by saying “yes, I’ve got your back” I have promised to be their backing, their support, their wingman of sorts and to reference a piece of wisdom from the movie Top Gun, “you never leave your wingman”.
                Anyways, having someone’s back is a huge responsibility but also a very rewarding one (trust me I have been there and I am still there if needed). It means having their back always even in the toughest of times because that’s when they need you the most. It’s easy to have someone’s back when everything is blue skies and smooth sailing but, you show your true metal and resolve when you are tossed into a relentless tide of rough waters. Will you stick around?
Another dynamic that comes into play when asked “hey, do you have my back?” is how well you know the person. I mean it would be easy to have your friend’s back but what about a complete stranger? This, I believe would be a defining test of character. Would you back a complete stranger? It could be an easier question to answer depending on the situation definitely but, what if someone on the street just came up to you and asked “I really need your help, do you have my back?” What would you say?
In closing, having someone’s back in dire times is no easy task. It is an investment of epic proportions but, in the end you will have built a lasting connection with that person for life. They will always remember what you did, and you will have grown as a person for having had their back.
NOTE: Please feel free to leave comments. I would really like to know how you would answers these questions, thank you for sharing.

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