Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Do you Willpower?

        There’s this crazy little thing call willpower. We all have it but, we don’t all use it. It seems we as a society actually have become quite proficient at using excuses not to use our willpower. Thus our willpower has become a dust ridden tool in the bottom of our mental tool boxes. The classic excuses we all use are what I like to call “nothing excuses” which are random thoughts or ideas that for the most part have no real substance or bearing on the situation. Or are sometimes downright delusional but, for some reason we fully submit to them as if Royce Gracie had us in an arm bar.

        What we need to realize is that with a pinch of willpower we could have completely managed the situation. Allow me to dork out for a second and give you a superhero analogy. It’s kind of like if Thor (God of Thunder, a superhero based off of the Norse God of the same name and power) decided that his mjolnir (which is like a war hammer, and is basically a catalyst for most of his power) was just too clunky or awkward to wield. Or its color didn’t quite suit his completion and he decided that he no longer wanted to use it, thus giving up a great deal of his power. A bit random I know but you get the point, its absolute ludicrous the excuses that we come up with to give in to our wants and desires.

Thor wielding his mjolnir

        Now I will be the first to step forward, raise my hand and say “I’m not perfect”. I, like everyone else experience these tests of will on a daily basis. I have found that the difference for me in these situations is knowing that I have willpower and knowing what I am capable of when I use it. Willpower is basically a corked bottle of pure power, all you need to do is open it.

        Next time when a test arises that you would normally fold under stop and assess the situation. Then use some of your new found willpower to push through. Whether it be; resisting that tub of ice cream in your freezer, staying on your Paleo Challenge, fighting to get that new PR (personal record) on a lift, or pushing through that bit of good pain to complete the CFPA WOD (workout of the day) with a faster time. Whatever it may be try using your willpower. Cultivate this invaluable mental tool and realize your true potential. 

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