Monday, March 21, 2011

The Test of Today

Today I retweeted a comment that spoke to me that said “A day without a test is a wasted 24 hours.” I fully agree.  We all need to be tested whether we like it or not. The test may be physical, mental, emotional or any combination of these and other factors.  Tests bring out an amalgamation of our best parts and show us what we are really made of.
Each day I look forward to some tests and dread others. Though I know that it’s the tests I dread that are the greatest opportunities for me to grow. Realizing this it half the battle, the other half is confronting the test full on and leaving it all on the table. Remember that victory and accomplishment may be at the end of the road but, it’s the journey along the road that counts.
What test have you taken on today? Realize, confront, grow.

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