Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Murph 2011 at CrossFit Palo Alto

Lt. Michael Murphy and Team

The Memorial Day Murph workout at CrossFit Palo Alto was a truly amazing experience. It was more than just a workout, it was a way to honor and remember as well as a test of heart and character. I want to thank Tim for reading a passage about Lt. Michael Murphy and his team. It made me remember why we where all there, and to honor the Troops who continue fight for our freedom.

I had the awesome experience of both doing the workout in the 9 am class and watching others take it on in the 11 am class. I want to thank everyone who came and gave an heroic effort on the workout. I was so inspired by the actions I witnessed; from the shouts of encouragement, to folks who re-ran the last mile to cheer on others who were battling through the workout. I feel honored to be a part of this wonderful community of athletes, and thank you all again for making it one to remember.

9 am CFPA Murph Crew
11 am CFPA Murph Crew

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